Mała wielka gmina... Bralin

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Braliński land was joined to the border of the Republic in 1920, after a validation of Treaty of Versailles. Bralin parish was incorporated into the Kępiński county . In the past, the area of ​​the current Bralin parish was  inhabited by Poles, Germans, Czechs and Jews, representatives of many faiths - Catholics, Protestants, Baptists, Czech brothers, Jews and Hussites.

In ancient times, probably there was an Amber Road, there are some evidence that may be found here such  as Roman coins and an old trade route: Kyiv - Przemysl - Wielun - Wroclaw. Later through the town there was a Warsaw-Dresden Royal Polish Post trial. Part of the current area of Bralin parish for couple of centuries, was under the rule of Biron von Kurland of Syców. After World War II many repatriates from the east settled here.

Today  Bralin is a country town of Wielkopolska province with silesian roots.  


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